Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hallelujah for the Holidays

This performance by Alexandra Burke performing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" on England's "Xfactor" talent contest/tv show was "through the moon can't believe how good this is good." We've never had an American Idol performance that was this amazing (okay, Jennifer Hudson doing "I'm Telling You I'm Not Goin'" was pretty darn close, but after all, Jennifer went on to do the role in the movie and win an Oscar, so she got her props). I'm not at all surprised that her released version of this song (you can get the actual video online, but I prefer this live one) was on the top of the British charts, according to today's "Hollywood Reporter." What was surprising was that the awesome Jeff Buckley version from years past was number two right behind it... but I honestly can see having both versions in my iTunes collection (as soon as iTunes offers the Alexandra Burke version... what is WITH itunes not offering the British iTunes songs at the same time here, eh?) Anyway, play this and enjoy. It's the perfect song to listen to during your Chanukah and Christmas celebrations (one of the true non denominational, spiritually uplifting songs for the holiday season). Happy Holidays -- Bluesy

And as long as we're in the bluesy mood, I thought that this was a terrific performance on Xfactor by Alexandra Burke and Beyonce performing "Listen." Alexandra's genuine emotion had me in tears and her voice has enough blues and soul to make her stand out.