Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why is this Blog Different than All Other Blogs

I've been blog surfing today, the only kind of surfing I'll ever do, despite living in the Beach Boy state. And I must say, I'm appalled at how much of a slacker I've become when it comes to this BLOG thing.

I have friends, like Ingrid Sundberg, whose blogs are so informative and consistent, she should get paid for being such a valuable resource. Other YA blogs are amusing and entertaining, Heather Kelly's blog "Edited Within an Inch of My Life" made me laugh in title alone. Her report on the latest NESCBWI conference aftermath was quite amusing.

And by the way, I also think Sarah Davies rocks. I've seen her speak at a few SCBWI conferences in NY and LA, and would also love to have her give me notes with that perfectly proper British accent. I imagine it the sort of comfort akin to Julie Andrews advising a spoonful of sugar in times of distress.

I read Ms. Davies' blog regularly, and not just because I aim to send her my YA book when I'm done. Perhaps it's because I feel a kinship; after all, my precious daughter is also a "Sarah," I'm one of the few Americans who enjoy a good cup of tea and a scone slathered with lemon curd; not to mention what a huge fan of BBC serial dramas I am. MI5, Wire in the Blood, Being Human, Torchwood, Primevil, Dr. Who, Ballykissangel, Monarch of the Glen, Ashes to Ashes, Abfab -- need I go on?

Sarah, it's obvious we should talk, or at least email.

Also, one of my regular author blog haunts is Lisa Yee of "Absolutely Maybe" fame, and her fabulous "What's Peep up to Now?" pictures. Today she has her dog in lieu of Peep, but I figure everyone needs to shake things up once in a while.

I noticed everyone's extraordinarily helpful and kind in the YA field -- though I confess, I do miss the days of Miss Snark, who always made me laugh with her crap-o-meter and comments like "you send me something like that and I'll need to set my hair on fire with lighter fluid."

Oh sure, Hollywoodland blogs still have plenty of snarkiness. And from time to time, I get a kick out of checking out The Hollywood Temp Diaries, after spending my twenties working as a super star writer's assistant slave, getting coffee cups chucked at my head and being told how many other folks were dying to do my job for free (Memories, like the corners of my mind.)

But YA is a very kumbaya crowd.

Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the time, effort and warm fuzzies I receive from these blogs. They're helpful, inspiring and there's oodles of them. I could spend all day reading these come hither words of what's hot, what's not, what to put in a query letter, when to write a query letter, how to approach a publisher, how to not piss off a publisher, how to be patient. In fact, I DID spend all day reading these blogs.

Only problem is, I kinda need to write. Even writing this blog is yet another excuse not to get going with those promised pages. Which leads me to the self realization about what this blog really should be about, if its to be a true reflection of the author.

So instead of telling you how to write, what to write, how I write, why I write, what I'm writing, etc. etc. I shall instead enthrall you, gentle reader, with my amazing, astounding suggestions and realizations upon the best ways NOT to write. That's right, I'm going to tell you the best ways to procrastinate and keep from writing.

For today's entry, let's say reading others blogs can be a truly fine way to spend the day and NOT get one single word written. You can walk away with the feeling that you've taken care of your writerly needs by doing all this fabulous research for what to do when you've finished your book/screenplay/graphic novel/autobiographical tomb.

Stay tuned for more fabulous, unique and fascinating ways NOT to get your writing done. And, if you have suggestions that you think are worthy of these pages, please post. I'd be honored to know that I was the one who encouraged your deep seeded need to clean the bathroom floor grout.